Conference Credits

  1. The Health & Food Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards


  1. Food Values at the Academy of Pontifical Sciences -  

   hosted at The Vatican, Rome

  1. Food Matters Live, London

  2. The National Association of Primary Care

  3. The Royal College of General Practitioners   

  4.   The International Congress of the European Society of


  1. The Food and Drink Network

  2. The Italian Trade Commission

  3. The Fine Food Fair - OIympia

  4. The Institute of Health Sciences of the USA

  5. The Boston Common Ground Convention

Presentation Topics

Public & Corporate Events / Motivational

  1. The New Mediterranean Diet - Unlocking the Secrets

  2.    for a Long and Healthy Life

  3. The Private Life of Foods - The Mediterranean Diet

   and Health

  1. The Real Food Revolution, Fats and the End of Dieting

  2. Making the Mediterranean Diet Work

  3. The Secrets of the Mediterranean Lifestyle /Culture


  1. The Mediterranean Odyssey - a Journey to Health with Food

  2. Regional Specialities of the Mediterranean Diet

  3. The Mediterranean Diet - Bringing it Back Home

Food Shows and Import/ Trade Events

  1. The New Mediterranean Diet - Unlocking the Secrets

  for a Long and Healthy Life

  1. The Olive Oil Diet - The Science of Extra Virginity and

  other Superfoods

  1. Cooking the New Mediterranean Diet

  2. The Mediterranean Diet in a Day - Adding Healthy

   Years to Life

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Old Stories, Modern Myths

  1. Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert & International Authority on the Mediterranean Diet

Book Credits

  1. ‘Diabetes for Dummies’

  2. ‘Diabetes Meal Planning & Nutrition For Dummies’

  3. ‘The Real Mediterranean Diet’ - Cambridge Academic 2021

  4. ‘The Olive Oil Diet’ Dr Simon Poole &

   Judy Ridgway - Little, Brown Book Group